Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Visitor

I discovered a Cedar Waxwing bird on my screened-in back porch Friday afternoon. I was picking up the yard after this weeks Oklahoma storms. Rescuing the bird forced me into a much needed break and to take a breather as well as a seat. The Cedar Waxwing, being a favorite bird species of mine, made the challenge more appealing then rescuing a Crow or Starling (though they are God's dear creatures too). The beautiful little wild bird seemed eager for companionship as it flew from clutching a window screen above me, to perch instead on the back of a chair opposite me. He didn't seem to want the water and bird seed I gently offered but it did intently watch me prepare its bird snack and showed polite interest. After the muted watchfulness and calming sit, as if we were in a front room parlor, it seemed to know that I was not a threat . After awhile it flew to the cluttered end of the porch and perched on a package of replacement window screens. Without making quick movements, I picked up the porch broom that was standing within my arms reach and offered the broom handle to it to step-on to. He cocked his little head as if to say, 'is this what you mean for me to do?' To my delight, the wild bird took that LEAP Of FAITH step onto the broom handle. I slowly stepped and backed down the planked-wood porch and then slowly, very slowly, pointed the broom handle towards the propped open doorway. To my delight, it didn't fly away immediately even when an Oklahoma breeze blew through. Instead, it cocked it's little head as if to say, "I too will remember this day.' And then it faced the sun and flew off the yellow broomstick towards my Elm trees in my far back yard.  
From now on, whenever I see a flock of Cedar Waxwings, I will look and wonder, "is there ONE Cedar Waxwing that is looking fondly back at me too?"
And for the rest of the story ... you ask, WHO took these pictures? 
I did! :) 
I just happened to have my camera around my neck, as I picked up sticks in the yard, to take flower photos. I used my right hand to carry the broom and my left hand to awkwardly take pictures, not knowing if I had the camera pointed or even focused on the bird! But I did. Otherwise, I don't know that anyone would ever believe my story of rescuing this little Cedar Waxwing bird off my screened-in back porch. :)
By Deb V.


Emilia said...

WOW! The story is great, but the photos really make it! I love it!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Beautiful pictures, glad you got to pause for a moment and enjoy the beauty around you.