Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Salute The Italian Pizza!

On a trip to visit my daughter and her family on an Italian Air Force base, we were introduced to the Italian National Anthem for the first time. Many evenings we walked to the military base pizzeria around sundown for dinner. Coincidentally, on more than one occasion, about the time that the pizza was put on our table, the Italian National Anthem would blast from the military base broadcasting system.

One evening on a walk we decided to take the kids to see the lowering of the flag ceremony. Our three and four year old grandkids clapped their hands and cheered as the uniformed soldiers marched to the flagpole and lowered the Italian flag. Military jets happened to fly over, making it even more patriotic. The Air Force pilots saluted and proceeded to fold the flag. As on cue the National Anthem, FRATELLI D' ITALIA began to broadcast over the military base sound system. 

The uniformed military men procession turned away from the flagpole and began to march away. All of a sudden my two-year-old grandson, waved his arms in the air and yelled, "Come back! The Pizza is ready!" We all looked at the three year old questionably as he explained, "You have to go to the pizzeria now, the PIZZA SONG is over and the pizza is on the table!"

When I am in a foreign country, I am sure to obey the "No Cameras Allowed" rule. It was posted on a sign at the entrance of the military base that cameras were not allowed. For that reason I did not have a camera on me during the flag lowering ceremony that I wrote about.
 I chose these favorite photos of the first time my husband and I
visited an Italian military base with the grandkids and it was allowed to stroll and take photos. I had brought the kids Air Force pilot uniforms to dress-up in. The kids chose to wear the flight suits on that hot summer day as we toured the AF base."Poppy" holds our Grandson as the kids pose for their Gram to take their pictures.

A real Italian Pizza!

Be sure to click on this link to hear, THE PIZZA SONG! :)

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Pizza....Nom! Nom! Nom!.....such cuties!