Monday, August 9, 2010


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I posted this a year ago on my flickr in a set, titled "Oh, The Places you Will Go". I took a few dozen of my favorite grandkid photos and turned them to black & white photos and borrowed Dr. Seuss quotes to caption my photos.
This photo was taken just hours after these 2 families of grandkids got together for the first time that THEY remember. Their ages spanned between 2&4.
The two dark haired grandkids were born and live in Italy. My two little blond grand boys live here in Oklahoma.
I am looking forward to us all getting together again in September and introducing new baby Maddy to her OKIE cousins!
As the kids did sat down to eat together for the first time at my new little table and chairs brought special just for the 4 of them, they did remember to stop and pray together.
I Am Thankful that their parents have raised them all to pray and to be THANKFUL that God has blessed us with a loving family.
I, too, am THANKFUL for a loving family.

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Emilia said...

Very nice! I am thankful too!